Funding the Future of Foodservice

Square Deals.
Dynamic Perspective.

Who We Are

Aaron Allen Capital Partners (AACP) is an investment group focused on funding the future of foodservice™.

We’re a consortium of esteemed restaurant industry executives, investors,
and family offices combining resources to solve some of the biggest pain-points for the foodservice industry globally. Our firm invests in high-growth restaurant companies and foodservice technology enterprises with the potential to disrupt the industry or dislodge an incumbent.

Backed by decades of experience via our global foodservice consulting practice (Aaron Allen & Associates), we have worked with clients spanning 100+ countries, collectively posting more than $200b in revenue across nearly every geography, category, cuisine, segment, operating model, ownership type, and phase of the business life cycle.

With the support of accomplished investment bankers (and $6b–$7b in
buy-side interest expressed to our firm), we work on square deals that are fair for all parties involved and bring a dynamic perspective to framing opportunity and potential.

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If you have a stake in the future of the foodservice industry, we’d be delighted to connect.